“Doh!” the little boy huffs. “This was the dumbest idea ever! Healthy snacks!”

We are sitting at an I-64 rest stop in Kentucky, eating a very nice picnic of sandwiches and fruit and chocolate-banana muffins, and I am the most unpopular mother ever. My children want to eat at McDonalds, but the husband and I have decided that our 1,000-mile-plus drive to the Midwest will NOT include fast food or chain restaurants.

The children have revolted. (The husband is suspiciously quiet.)

In my defense, I’m not ridiculously militant about this experiment. We stopped at a mini-mart in West Virginia, where the big boy got M&Ms and the little boy got — gaaack — Tabasco-flavored beef jerky. That kept them happy for about 100 miles. But I lost all popularity during a bathroom break at a Sheetz near the West Virginia/Kentucky border. The boys got lost among the snack cakes and sodas; we left without buying anything.

No soda. No chips. No — gaack — Tabasco-flavored beef jerky.

Tonight we’re going to cool our heels at a Louisville restaurant called the North End Cafe (http://www.northendcafe.com/about-us/#13440316194991&true). The boys say they’d prefer Applebees.

But I’m mom. And I’m on a mission.

More tomorrow.