… and I am bereft.

green tomatoesThe tomatoes went from plentiful to paltry in a mere three days.

The summer squash has a home atop the compost pile.

The cucumbers are frozen mid-climb up their trellises.

It must be time for school to start. (Cue my whining boys.)

squash1The two bright garden spots in these 60-degree nights and cool, humid-free days: Our butternut squash — which we’ve never coaxed to life before — is thriving!

I’m dreaming of squash and corn chowder; butternut risotto; roasted butternut squash and sweet potatoes in just a few weeks. I ought to make one of those lovelies for dinner after the first day of school!

(Hear the whining?)

And …

green beansWho knows if it’s thanks to the weather or all the decoys we’ve planted, but a few green beans have survived our rabbit deluge. We may get enough for a single serving!

I’ll serve them with that first fall dinner.

Never-Fail Green Beans

Heat a pot of water to boiling. Salt well. Add green beans and cook for 7 minutes. Transfer beans to an icewater bath, then drain and dry. Toss with your favorite vinaigrette, or saute in butter and garlic until hot, then toss with almonds, parsley and lemon zest.