thanksgiving november 2011 015

I sat down this morning to map out our Thanksgiving dinner and made a terrible discovery.

I’m bored.

It’s my own fault. After trilling the virtue of “tradition” all these years, I can recite my family’s holiday dinner demands by heart:

  • The husband insists on roasted garlic mashed potatoes;
  • The little boy demands cranberry-ginger relish;
  • The big boy … well, the big boy would be happy with bagels and cream cheese for the meal. But I digress …

Anything new is suspect. I had to fight tooth and nail to get oyster dressing on the table last year. And you should have heard the uproar last week when I suggested creamed spinach as a side.

“What’s that?” the little one demanded. “You have to make the cranberries.”

So another November approaches with me scratching out the same old stuff in my menu book:

  • Apple cake for breakfast;
  • Focaccia with meats, cheeses and olives for appetizers;
  • Turkey, dressing, potatoes, cranberries, green salad and garlic green beans for dinner; and
  • Pumpkin and chocolate pies for dessert.


Can this menu be saved? Is there anything I can make that will stay with tradition yet jazz up the dinner?

I’ll keep you posted as I search.

And please … help me! What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes?

I need to know.