Graduations, weddings … we’re gearing up for summer’s gift-giving season! Here are 10 ideas for kitchen gifts your favorite couple or grad will really use!


The husband and I entered marriage with three (3!) cappuccino makers and one pepper mill.

Eighteen years later, we still use the pepper mill.

We really wanted that cappuccino maker. Our friends — obviously — wanted us to have it. And Williams-Sonoma must have thought we needed it, too. (Otherwise, surely, its computers would have recorded that our cappuccino wish was fulfilled … and fulfilled … and fulfilled again.)

We also coveted the copper tea kettle. The demitasse cups and saucers. The lovely little liqueur glasses.

gifts2Eighteen years later, we still use the pepper mill.

As the June wedding season gears up, brides and grooms will craft elaborate wish lists for their lives together. Many of their chosen items will be cherished and oft-used. (I still love the Italian pottery we chose for our everyday dishes. And, yes, that pepper mill.)

But others will languish away. We now own a…

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