Even with no garden this year, summer squash is rolling off my counters. (Thank you farmers’ markets!!) I’ve grilled them, pan-roasted them, folded them into silky gratins and turned them into my version of veggie latkes. Still, this soup remains the easiest — and most popular with the family — way to serve my mountains of squash!


I made our favorite soup last night. The little boy loves it. Even the big boy — who lives on bagels and Cheez-Its and gagged his way through France — eats a whole bowl.

Creamy, dreamy summer squash soup takes about 30 minutes to make and appeals to even the pickiest eater.

This soup shouldn’t work. It’s nothin’ but zucchini and yellow squash. Those things are 95 percent water. They’re also pretty delicate in flavor. So common sense says a soup made almost entirely of summer squash should be thin and lifeless.

Not so. This soup (which comes courtesy of the late, great Gourmet magazine) is creamy, hearty and full of flavor. It’s loaded with vitamins A and C and rich in calcium. Three of us polished off an entire pot last night.

It’s a good thing we’re such fans. The garden squash is popping, and this soup uses 2 whole pounds of…

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