Summer peaches live a fleeting life. Here are five of my favorite ways to use these beauties before they disappear from the market!


Local Catoctin Mountain peaches at Good Earth Garden Market.

How do you know when summer slips into fall?

For some, it’s the changing leaves or the beginning of another school year.

For me, it’s the disappearance of summer peaches.

We are not apple and pear people. Put those puppies in a pie or crisp, and we like them fine. But to eat out of hand? We’re not big fans.

But alas, my peach. Your days are numbered. The sign outside my garden market ( warns me that you won’t last forever. So I snapped up two bagfuls this week, ignoring my husband’s pleas for moderation.

“What are you going to do with all those?” he asked. “Aren’t they going to go bad? I can’t eat peaches everyday.”

Oh silly man. Yes you can. And with a little creativity, you won’t even realize you are.

Peaches are easy to store. You…

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