I love big, round numbers. So to celebrate this, my 200th post, I’m hosting a virtual potluck party with 10 of the bloggers whose posts I anticipate and (ahem) “devour.”

Will you attend?

1. Back Road Journal: Oh, Karen, please bring your Italian stuffed peppers. We can eat them as a starter!

2. Cottage Grove House: Steaming bowls of your cauliflower soup would take the chill off these October nights.

3. Chez Moi: I would love to tuck into your lamb shanks with pomegranate and molasses.

4. GASTRO-a-go-go: Sarah, please bring your delightful sense of humor (and a truckload of garnishes)!

5. Lime & Barley: Because every good potluck needs a couple of main dishes, I would love to eat Becky’s pork tenderloin stuffed with chestnuts, onion and sage.

6. Midihideaways: Just bring yourself … and pictures of France! We’ll pretend we’re eating in Languedoc!

7. Our Growing Paynes: I love everything you post, Virginia, but you’ve captivated me with your roasted bananas with caramel and chocolate. Could any dessert be more perfect?

8. Roast Potatoes For: Kelsey, your white cheddar and roasted apple scones would be the perfect complement to our lamb and pork. (Besides, I could eat the leftovers for breakfast!)

9. Tosh & Tomatoes: Luffy, I think you’re as crazy about figs as I am. Please bring a basketful from your trees!

10. Wild Spring: Katie, your life is magical to me. I’d love bags of your dried peppermint. We could steep it for after-dinner tea!

I love this community of bloggers. Thank you for the posts … and the daily inspiration!