The holiday blitz is starting, and I can already feel my stress levels soar. Time for this remedy … fill, fold and breathe!


wonton packets

Yogis have their mats. I have my wontons.

Whenever I’ve had an italicized, capital D-A-Y day, I turn to what I jokingly call my favorite kitchen asana. There’s something about the repetitive action of stuffing, folding and pinching these tasty, tiny dumplings that quiets my cascading mind. I can breathe in the space of preparation; meditate in the small, simple movements of feeding my family. By the time dinner is on the table, I’m a calmer, happier person.

It wasn’t always this way. The first time I made wontons, I crashed and scurried through the process. I overstuffed. I under-folded. I sighed impatiently and vowed I would never make these things again. (Much like my reaction the first time I attempted shoulder stand…)

But my family loved them. Even my picky big boy gobbled them up, which meant I needed wonton insidesto make my peace with wontons.

Turns out, all I needed to…

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