Snowstorms mean sweet rolls in our house! Here’s what I’ll be baking the next few days:


Dorie Greenspan is my hero. I’ve read her food magazine articles for years and a couple of summers ago bought her gorgeously photographed/beautifully written cookbook Baking.

She’s a woman after my own heart. She spells out recipes for breads, cakes, cookies, pies and confections then — gasp! — tells you to play with them!

Do you know how revolutionary that is? Conventional wisdom says play all you want with your savory food but never stray from recipes for baked goods. Baking is, after all, chemistry, and we all know what happens when you start messing around with science.

Now, to be fair to the chemists among us, I must confess that Dorie’s playtime suggestions are pretty tame. She doesn’t mess around with flour-to-leavener or liquid-to-dry-ingredient ratios. But by loosening the strictures just a bit, she opens up a whole new baking world.

rolls1During this week’s cold snap, I decided to…

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