A number of years ago, I read a story about a New York hostess who color-coordinated her menus. Her “red” party was featured: Spaghetti with red sauce; pan-roasted raddichio; beet salad. Everything was served on red plates with red linens. I think she even used red lighting for atmosphere.

“Tres chic,” I thought then.

“Kinda bizzare,” I think now.

Yet I like the idea of taking a single color for one dish and running with it. That’s what I did with this salad: A red-hued bowl of red baby spinach, red-leaf lettuce, red Belgian endive, red radishes and red pomegranate seeds … all topped with a rosy-red raspberry vinaigrette.

Maybe not “tres chic.” But definitely pretty.

Red Salad

No formal recipe is needed for this side dish. Simply collect the red-hued vegetables (and fruits!) you love: Red onion, raddichio, roasted beets, radishes, red-leaf lettuces, red-skinned pears and apples, that yummy red baby spinach (from Trader Joe’s) … imagination is the only thing that will limit you!