Celebrate your mom this weekend by getting in the kitchen and cooking with her! You’ll be glad you did.


peaches1“Is this how you play with your food?”

My mom is sitting at the kitchen table, watching as I tear up rosemary leaves and scatter them on a pan of sliced peaches. I’m not sure what I’m doing … all I know is I want to make summer peaches fit for supper.

“Yeah,” I say, and laugh. “I hope this won’t be bad!”

My parents are visiting from Kansas City. They’ve been here about a week, and we’ve spent most of that time eating.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. When I graduated from the University of Missouri and moved to Daytona Beach, I planned to stay in Florida for two years. Then I’d move back to Kansas City for another couple of years, head to a major metropolitan area and eventually return to my hometown full time — earning journalistic stripes along the way.

“Two years,” I…

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