If you haven’t tried this herby, garlicky, anchovy-spiked sauce, now’s the time! Thin it out with lots of lemon and olive oil to use as a salad dressing; keep it coarse and chunky with the merest hints of liquid and slather it on meat and fish before cooking; or make it as directed here and use it as a dip or a sauce for roasted vegetables. I promise: It’ll be your go-to recipe for summer!


Mint leaves are perfect steeped in tea or crushed into sugar. Need a way to use those gobs of garden mint? Here’s a no-cook sauce you’ll use all summer!

Today’s the first day it feels like summer: Ninety-plus degrees, a fair amount of humidity, not much initiative.

Maybe it’s because we leave for Europe in two days, or maybe it’s the weather … but our energy is zapped and the last thing we want to think about is dinner.

On evenings like these, I’m thankful for a few tried-and-true recipes that require little-to-no effort. This salsa verde recipe from Chef Suzanne Goin is one of them: A trek to the herb garden and some bending and stretching to haul out the food processor are about all the work required.

I love this recipe for other reasons, too. After you’ve made it a couple of times, you can let your imagination fly. Mix up the herbs; use different citrus juices; add nuts or seeds to…

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