I’m always looking for fun, unexpected treats to serve at casual get-togethers. These tiny tomatoes with a fiery vodka kick are perfect (and they won’t intoxicate your guests)!


Years ago when I was young and naive, a work colleague invited me to dinner.

EB was everything I thought I’d like to be. Tampa born and bred, she was the first native Floridian I ever met. She rented a killer pool house in a slightly dangerous neighborhood. She oozed ambition, wryness and sophistication beyond her 20-some years. My friend, Jude, and I couldn’t believe our luck when she asked us to come over.

I can’t remember the main course. But for dessert, EB had poured a bottle of vodka over a whole, split pineapple. We noshed on chunks of fruit until it was time to drive home.

What a drive.

“Why do I feel so weird?” I remember thinking. “I feel like I’m drunk.”

Of course I felt like I was drunk. I was drunk! (Par for the course with EB. As I got to know her, I learned…

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